An iPhone survived 48 hours in the ocean and retained most of its battery


An iPhone 7 went for a dive, and lived a full 48 hours in the water to tell the tale. In what may be the most impressive story about a waterproof case ever, a scuba diver found a very rare form of marine memorabilia when she saw an odd light come from the bottom of the seabed. As it turns out, the iPhone began to glow when it received get this a text message.

Really, I just want to know two things who makes this waterproof case, and who is this cell service provider capable of providing coverage in the bottom of  the ocean?

More shocking still was the fact that the iPhone was still more than 80 percent charged when it was discovered. Somehow, the phone had managed to not only survive underwater, but maintain a charge for two days, too. Seriously, what magical Apple device is this?

Scuba diver Cerys Hearsey discovered the phone upon noticing a flashing light about 30 feet below where she was exploring. Upon closer inspection, she found the fabled iPhone in working condition and with 84 percent of its battery life remaining.

She  then did what any responsible scuba diver would do  she  retrieved it, and went through its contacts in order to find its owner.

The owner turned out to be one Rob Smith’s cousin, who apparently dropped the phone while the two of them were kayaking out at Durdle Door in Dorset, England. While the duo paddled toward the coastal landmark, the iPhone was unfortunately dropped over the edge of the watercraft.

Smith and his cousin assumed that the iPhone had been lost for good, but just two days later, Cerys discovered that miracles do indeed happen.

Smith and his wife made arrangements to meet with Cerys, as the cousin had already departed the country for Canada. Since then, the iPhone has also made a (safe) journey across the Atlantic, and has been reunited with its owner.

Cerys told the Mirror that she was pleased to play a part in the rescue mission. “I could see the phone sitting on the bottom of the seabed because it received a message and lit up,” she told the publication. “I picked it up and returned to land where I cut it out of its case as it was starting to get a bit of water inside.

I then looked up the numbers and got in touch with the owner’s family.”

She added, “Phones are so critical to life nowadays they can be difficult to replace.” But apparently, this is one iPhone that is hardier than the rest.