Apple Suddenly Makes iPhones $200 Cheaper

The iPhone is changing. Later this year, Apple AAPL +0.37% will launch three all-new iPhone X modelsand in three very different sizes. But perhaps the best (and most surprising) breaking news, is the 2018 iPhones will also be a lot less expensive… 
Following on from widespread reports that Apple will cut new iPhone prices by as much as $100, is a second significant saving worth almost as much: Apple will bundle an 18-watt USB-C fast charger with every new iPhone. 
Leaked render of Apple’s budget-friendly new iPhoneOLIXAR
ChargerLab has the scoop. The site, which also broke the news Apple would rebrand its MFi program ahead of launch, obtained renders of European editions of the new chargers and they are notably larger than the current 5W USB-A chargers supplied with all current iPhones.
While this is a catch-up move (all rivals have long supplied fast chargers with their smartphones), it is worth up to $70 – before tax – to every potential new iPhone owner. That’s because although iPhones only fast charge at a maximum of 18W, up to now Apple has only offered users an overpowered 29W charger for a whopping $49 while fleecing them a further $19 for the necessary 1m USB-C to Lightning cable (or $35 for 2m).
So combine the fast charger savings (and you want one – they deliver a 50% charge in just 30 minutes) with the upcoming price cuts and you’re looking at $170 more (circa $200 incl. tax) in your pocket. That’s substantial.
Leaked iPhone fast charger (EU edition)CHARGERLAB
It’s also not the end of the benefits.
With Apple moving all its Mac and MacBooks to USB-C only, iPhone owners previously had to buy a Lightning to USB-C cable or a dongle ($19) just to connect their phones to their computers – a ludicrous situation.
With ChargerLab’s scoop following the recent leak of a US Apple 18W fast charger, I’m ready to call it: Apple is going to do the right (if long overdue) thing for all its customers this year. The move may not make headlines like a miniature iPhone X or its supersized brother, but it is the gift that will keep giving every time you plug-in your new iPhone…