Conduct university studies in the USA the best investment for your future


Many of the current world leaders in the field of politics, economics or culture have completed graduate studies in the United States.

Studying at a US university is one of the best ways to invest in your academic, professional and work future. 

The United States is one of the most fascinating and advanced countries in the world. It is at the forefront in fields as important as education, research and new technologies.

American universities offer high quality teaching, taught in small groups by highly qualified teachers. 

The vast majority of them are located on great university campuses and have great facilities. 

The United States has undoubtedly the best university system in the world. 

The latest global ranking on the quality of universities by Shanghai University places 17 American universities among the top 20 in the world. Also 14 of the 20 best business schools in the world are American.

Studying a Master or other postgraduate program will increase your chances of immediate employment, if you are not working. If you are working, it will allow you to achieve salary increases, change sector or functions within the company or move to work in other parts of the world.If you want to study a Master or another postgraduate program in a university in the United States, we can help you. We work with universities located throughout the country, from the East Coast to California, many of them in very interesting places. All are endorsed by the main state accreditation bodies. The offer of studies they teach is very rich and varied. You can study practically any discipline or specialty that interests you.


The graduate programs in the United States cover all areas of knowledge and are aimed at university graduates, graduates and graduates.

These include the following:

MBA Management
Marketing Marketing and Sales
Innovation and Leadership International Business
Public Relations and Advertising Business Communications
Business Economics Finance
Accounting Strategic Planning
Recursos humanos Environmental Management
Hospitality Management Sports Management
Health Care Management Arts and Cultural Management
IT and Operations Management
Computer Science Computer Engineering
Biotechnology Medical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering
Applied Physics
Medicine Biomedical Science
Neuroscience Psychology
Enviromental Science Biology
Physics Chemistry
Sociology Psychology
Politics Public Administration
International Development Interiornational Affairs
Anthropology Economics
Social Studies
Film and TV Theater Arts
Music Dance
Architecture Interior Design
Fashion Fashion Design
Photography Graphic Design
Web Design Digital Arts and Design
Animation Digital Video Arts
Philosophy History
Literature Comparative Literature
English The Classics
Linguistic History of Art

Universities in the United States

There are more than 4,500 universities in the United States. The possible universities that you can choose will depend on your grades, your level of English and your budget. Below are some of the most significant universities:

University of Southern California, Illinois Institute of Technology, Grand Valley State University, UCLA, Columbia University, Millikin University, University of Cincinnati, Lynn University, Yale University, Fisher College in Boston, University of Tulsa, Assumption College, Albright College, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, University of Buffalo SUNY, Purdue University West Lafayette, Northeastern University, Andrews University, University of San Francisco, University of Miami, Drexel University, Brown University, Florida Institute of Technology, University of Washington, Georgetown University, etc., etc.

Admission requirements to participate in a graduate program

The minimum requirements to be admitted to the graduate program. The better your grades and your level of English, the more options you will have. Each university has its own criteria for granting admission.

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in Spain or the United States.
  • Have an average grade in the last 3 years of college of 6.5 on a scale of 0 to 10 (GPA = 2.7). There are many more options with an average of 7.5 (GPA = 3.2).
  • Have a medium level of English Minimum score on the TOEFL of 80. There are many more options with a score higher than 90.
  • If you want to study an MBA, Master in Finance or similar you must have a minimum grade in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) of 600. In some cases you will also be asked for at least two years of experience.

If you do not meet these requirements now, we will help you prepare to improve your options. Admission requirements vary depending on the institution and the chosen study program. We provide you with detailed information about the acceptance criteria in each case.

Admission process in the university scholarship program

Step 1:

The Study in USA team will determine, together with you and your family, the personal objectives to be achieved and will make a preliminary evaluation of your possibilities according to your academic and linguistic profile. For this, the first step will be to fill out our application for admission, attaching the notes of your university studies, your English qualification if you had as well as your personal profile. It is very important that we also know the budget that your family can spend on your studies in the United States.

Step 2:

We will advise you in the preparation and realization of the main exams of access to master programs and other postgraduate programs in the United States such as the TOEFL, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the GRE revised General Test, among others.

Step 3:

We will determine which are the best options for you taking into account your objectives and the wide offer of American universities, in which there is a great variety of graduate programs, price, admission requirements and geographical destination. We will jointly define 2 objective programs.

Step 4:

We will advise you in the preparation of the documentation for the application for admission in the postgraduate programs chosen. We will track your application until you get admission.

Step 5:

Once you have received the admission letter, we will help you in the preparation of the documentation for the registration (medical history, vaccines, insurance, etc.) and in the management of the payments to be made to the organizing university of the chosen postgraduate program.

Step 6:

Finally, we provide you with the I-20 form and the advice for obtaining the visa.

 Prices and terms

On the one hand are our fees.

Period AGO 2017 – JUN 2018
Total price 1,980 Euros
Registration Fee 500 euros
Payment term of the Registration Fee When the process starts
First payment 700 Euros
Term for the first payment When sending the admission application
Final payment Rest
Final payment term When getting the admission letter

* Admissions in universities belonging to the top 20 in the National Universities Rankings of the US News, for the year of admission, will have a supplement of 980 Euros.

On the other hand, there are the costs of teaching, accommodation, maintenance and various additional expenses.

Period AGO 2017 – JUN 2018
Total price Starting at $ 25,000 *
Final payment term July 1, 2017 **

 * The admission letter is accompanied by a complete annual budget. Students must have additional expenses of $ 7,000 that would include airfare, medical insurance, miscellaneous medical expenses, books and materials, local transportation, laundry, and other personal expenses.

** There are deferred payment plans in many universities.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation on the university campus is the ideal solution. The environment is safe and fun, especially designed to offer a perfect mix of academic and social activities, encouraging at all times the development of interpersonal relationships. 

Living on the university campus is a very stimulating experience. It is a unique opportunity to interact with American students and other international students who may be roommates or hallmates in the residence hall. 

Distances within the campus allow students to go to class on foot, by bike or by bus.

Living in a residence helps you integrate into university life and allows you to better enjoy everything the university can offer you. 

There is always something to do, learn or enjoy.

You will have a complete meal plan. It is intended that students follow a varied and balanced diet, but this also depends on your tastes. If you do not see something that you like in the menu, ask for it!

Local support

Each university has an International Student Services department, whose staff provides you with initial guidance and is always available to answer your questions and give you the support you need.

After completing the initial orientation they assign you an academic tutor who helps you prepare your study plan and your schedule so that you meet the necessary academic requirements.

You can also count on the help of your job placement counselor who teaches you how to prepare curriculums and how to conduct and pass job interviews.

Health & Wellness

Each university campus has a health center for basic care and emergencies. When more complex medical situations arise, it is necessary to go to an external health care center, whose expenses are covered by health insurance.

Health insurance.

All the universities with which we work require a private policy administered by solvent insurance companies, specialized in insurance for university students. We advise you on the best options. Among other coverages, the following should be included:

  • Medical assistance due to illness
  • Accidents, hospitalization and emergency evacuation
  • Emergency dental treatment

 Extracurricular activities and clubs

In the university you can do a multitude of activities during free time. A good way to meet people and make friends is to become a member of a club. There is a wide variety of clubs for activities such as cinema, theater, art, music or sports.


Sports are a very important part of the university experience in the United States. Students are encouraged to take the tests of the different teams for both the internal leagues and for the external leagues. 

The sports facilities are available to students at broad hours and with the supervision of professional trainers.