Top 12 free Online English courses


In this list that we have made for you, you will find the best courses in English online, classified as free or paid:

Free online English Courses

1. Lingualia
It is one of the great online applications to learn English. It is based on artificial intelligence to adapt the evolution and needs of the student. It was created by Spanish entrepreneurs, and its strong point is the personalization of content to help you achieve your goals. Also, when you enter the platform for the first time, you will be asked how many hours you want to practice a day, and adapt the course at your own pace.

2. Duolingo

It’s available in several languages. You can identify with your Facebook or Twitter account, as well as a traditional email registration. In the units Apenderás vocabulary and build simple phrases, there being the option to listen to the pronunciation at any time. Exercises, always related to the vocabulary treated in the unit. To “Jump” level, you will have to perform a test in which you can only commit three errors, with exercises in translation and recognition.

3. Wilingua

This course is ideal if you need to improve the language and will help you to lose the fear because it is very easy to use and has a very structured guide for the student. It has four levels of difficulty, more than 600 lessons, 7,000 words, with its meaning, pronunciation and use. A very complete application, having a part to practice listening and speaking in English.

4. Busuu

It is a virtual community of more than 20 million users. It is currently one of the most complete webs. You have a free and another part of payment. In the free part, we can access 20 learning topics. In the Premium part, we have access to the full content (multimedia, you can share your achievements in the Busuu community and on Facebook). You can correct the exercises of other users who are learning your native language.

The languages available are as follows: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, German and Polish.

5. Italki

Italki is an online learning method and a social network focused on language learning. Users are classified as “students” or “teachers”. To register with Italki requires an email address. You will have to pay if you want to schedule classes with teachers online. Teachers go through a selection process that includes verification of their identity and teaching credentials.

If you want to win €10 in your first class with Italki, click this link: Win €10 at Italki.

When teachers conclude classes, they receive retro-feeding and italki student qualifications. Most classes are done through Skype.

Italki also has a social part where you can exchange languages for free. If you have doubts, you have a community where you can raise all your doubts, and there you will solve them.

6. Memrise

Memrise is based on the learning of English through the tutoring of native people from the Anglo-Saxon world. Instead of using an intensive method, it is based on the memory capacity of the users by setting a limit of 44 new words per hour using visual acuity games, or quick association of ideas and images. It has no initial cost, moreover, its creators say that the different courses and functions of the application are free. However, it has integrated purchases whose prices are around 63 cents and 47.01 euros.

If you want to learn faster, you have the option of hiring a native language teacher, this will allow you to practice more effectively. We will find free material from the English language at its basic level. It is not ideal to learn grammar, but it is excellent for increasing your vocabulary in a lot of languages.

Online Courses Not free

7. Bay & By

In this case I have focused on a particular course. You do a level test, of course everything online, which is adapted to the level you have. That is, if you see that you fail simple questions do not raise the level, whereas if you succeed they ask you more difficult questions. They are regulating the questions that they ask you to determine your level.

During the course you evaluate online, through exercises, you’ll have to make “deberes”y “will hang material for your study in your virtual campus. If you want you can have private conversation classes hiring an extra service. With the course you get a free speaking class for you to try.

The duration of the course is two months and its price is €232

8. Net languages

Net languages is an English course with the support of International House, an organization of language schools with presence in almost all the world. You can choose from several levels, starting with beginners classes. They have video, sound files to make your learning much more complete.

Its prices go by levels and go from 50 € (6mois, basic level), up to 450 € (it is a course of 12 months, level Premium Plus)

9. Babbel

You can expand your knowledge of different languages; German, English, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish or Polish.

You will be enlarged vocabulary (it has more than three thousand words of different themes defined by means of images and phrases). It has a voice recognition system to improve your pronunciation.

Your prices from €9.95 month if you only hire a month until 4.95 a month if you commit 12 months

10. Self Access

An online English course with all the explanations in English, and therefore will not be suitable for all students. Some parts of the course are offered free of charge so you can try the classes. 475 English lessons between all levels, 175 essays and letters to practice, 240 sessions for you to practice listening. It has high quality audio files so you can listen to the correct pronunciation of phrases and words. It’s all in English, so to use this website you have to know how to defend yourself with the language.

11. Udemy

In this course they make English easy, good as easy as it can be to speak a language that is not ours. They are based on the English grammar being easier than that of Spanish. Estecurso explains the essentials of grammar and vocabulary and pronunciation. More than 5 hours of video with explanations of all the essentials.

You’ll have lists of the most important vocabulary available to print, plus you’ll get a copy of the book “Basic English,” which contains exercises to practice what you’ve learned, plus texts to practice reading, two free ebooks: “The Little Book Of the Verb patterns “and” vocabulary and essential expressions “so that you go on with learning. Without a doubt, an online course highly recommended if you want to start in this English.

Its price is €35

12. ABA English

The ABA English English course combines the Internet with software that is downloaded and installed on the student’s computer. It’s a pretty sophisticated system that lets you save your notes and remember the classes you’ve seen. So you can study and learn at your own pace.

It is a very professional and complete course that has everything: audio files to practice pronunciation, interactive exercises, grammar, vocabulary and a real English teacher to help you solve problems.

Its price ranges from €8.33 a month.


These are the ones that we consider the best courses of online English both free and of payment. Fortunately, there is a lot of offer and variety to websites and applications to learn over the Internet. We have included the ones that we consider are the best apps and webs. If you think there are any that is not on this list leave us a comment. By the way, did you like this article? If you liked share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google Plus.